Monday, November 12, 2012


Okay, I'm like a lot of pet owners who, yes, I celebrate my pet's birthday, and in this case my highly pampered "baby" named Kissy. October 21, 2012 marked her 13th birthday. I actually created a "special" event over at Facebook where my friends could "celebrate" with her. I even provided a "wish list" link to, where if some of my friends wanted to, they could buy birthday gifts for her. So in my wish list I posted items such as catnip toys, bags of her favorite dry cat food, and her all time favorite, her Fancy Feast moist canned food. Oh, and needless to say, she's a very fussy eater and ONLY prefers certain flavors, such as Savory Salmon, Ocean Whitefish & Tuna, and Cod, Sole & Shrimp flavors. Heaven forbid I get anything else as she doesn't like and won't eat it.

The thing is that I also decided to order a case of 24 cans of those flavors, and it was one of those, like "duh" moments of why didn't I order pet food sooner? Near me in my local store, one can, one can mind you is $1.19! The discovery I made was that by ordering on-line, not only could I get an entire case of 24 cans and save myself the task of lugging home so many cans, but more important, even with shipping costs, the all around cost was a lot cheaper.

Then I actually came across another discovery. Instead of ordering from, I found the same case of 24 cans of her favorite flavors was a few bucks cheaper at's website. So naturally I ordered from there. And amazingly I didn't have to wait long for the order to arrive.

And yes, some of my friends did actually order a few goodies. One person ordered a 16-lb. bag of her favorite dry food that was on the wish list, which you can see here.

Then another friend sent me these treats to Kissy, including some cute catnip toys.

Just a day before it was to be the birthday girl's birthday I took a "candid"photo of her with my phone. As you can see, she's on my unmade bed...which by the way, usually remains unmade for many hours after I get up. Heaven forbid, I disturb her, as she does love snoozing on it...and only a fellow pet owner will know what I mean by that.

And you just know of course I made up a special card for her that I designed.

Sighs..such a poor deprived kitty, right? As I write this at this moment, Kissy is on my bed, and yes still unmade, sound asleep and snoring a storm.

Ah the life of a pampered cat. I should be so "deprived"

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