Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Author In Me

Writing is by no means a new adventure to me, as I've been writing for a long time. I don't seem to be plagued by writer's block by any means, in fact I have just a bit too many ideas, and this is especially true with short stories and novel ideas. My hindrence seems to be time. Well, I do hope to remedy that somehow, even if it's only to type in one or two pages of any of my stories.

But now I've ventured out a bit and have delved into the world of article writing, and like many who are also writers, have discovered such sites as Associated Content. Now I did join some time ago, submitted my first article and it was rejected. This didn't deter me too much as, with anyone who is in the art or creative fields, one has to get used to rejections, not that its a great feeling, but it does come in the territory of being an "artist" of any kind.

Well then only a few weeks ago, I decided to give Associated Content another go at it, and just rattled of two articles, of very different genres. One was an overview of the whole Harry Potter phenomenon, while the other about my SSI problem I had. Talk about two different subjects. To my amazement, the Harry Potter one got accepted almost right away, and a few days later the other article was accepted and published. Now I was pumped...and did another, plus submitted one of my short stories. Well they are published as well now, and I now invite you to go over and read my articles.

Here is my general Content Producer page:

Content Producer Page

Here is the first article published by them:

First Article

You can also access and read any of my articles in general just by clicking to my Content Producer Page, which will allow you to read all my articles there.

So I invite you to read my articles...and while there, if you're so inspired please leave a comment of what you though of my articles.

Happy reading!

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