Saturday, July 14, 2007

My New Journey

Thanks to my great-grandmother, who was well ahead of her time, I grew up in an environment where our family was familiar to the whole Law Of Attraction concept. While she had been raised a very strict Catholic, she was very opened minded to other ideas, and not just what was taught to her in her religion. So, it wasn't unusually to find books in her apartment by the late Norman Vincent Peale and his famous "Positive Thinking" ideas, she was familiar with the psychic Edgar Cayce, there were books around by authors who believed in Unity's School of Christianity--a non-denominational organization, and hey, she was into that charismatic and often up-beat person, Reverand Ike.

So yes, growing up in an environment like that, I was familiar with all that positive thinking, Law of Attraction "stuff" and while I had read many of the books relating to the subject myself, I never put it to full force, yet, no doubt, considering all the rather bizarre things that have gone on in my life, the set-backs and detours, nonetheless, on a small scale it was probably working for me.....just not full speed ahead.

So here I am, now embarking on a new journey to really get this brain of mine going full swing into the Law of Attraction, and that of course is thanks to the recent hoopla around Rhonda Byrnes' book and DVD of The Secret.

Okay, I know, some of you reading this might be a bit cynical over the whole Law of Attraction thing, and might even bad mouth those that were involved with The Secret that the only Law of Attraction they are receiving is your so what? Hey, who knows? I might write my own book and cash in on and get the money too.....LOL

The whole Law of Attraction thing is by no means new. Its concepts have been around for time immorial --some of us "get" it and some of us don't. It wasn't that I didn't "get" it, I just never really applied it at full speed ahead. Well now I am. I'm in the process of immersing myself with a nice little stack of books to read, including of course "The Secret", "The 30-Day Mental Diet" by Willis Kinnear , "The Success Principles" by Jack Caufield, "The Attractor Factor" by Joe Vitale; I still have an old, rather ratty looking copy of Robert Collier's "The Secret of The Ages", which believe me has seen better days. Another classic is "Think And Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, plus I was able to download a copy, for free I might add, of one book that Rhonda Byrnes mentions in the commentary option of "The Secret" DVD, and that is another classic, and the one that got her going into the Law of Attraction concept, and that is Wallace D. Wattles' "The Science of Getting Rich"--now just to find the time to read them all!!!

I suppose in an innate way the Law of Attraction was working for me on a small scale. When I first heard about "The Secret" I was dying to get the DVD but my funds were limited..I do plan to change that! However, here I was wishing to get the DVD...then something propelled me to go to good old e-Bay, and holy moly there were copies of not only the regular edition of the DVD but the extended version....So, gee, do you think I could resist that? Nope. So not only did I bid on a copy, but won it at a mere fraction of the original cost. Now I watch a little bit of it every night.

I plan to write more here about my new own interpretations of the whole Law of Attraction concept, and will keep you posted the moment I become a successful millionaire...LOL


Wolf said...

hey there! blog looks great
just stoppin in to say hi :)

Charlene Collins said...

I'll also let you know when I become a millionaire also Pye! Love your blog!